Introducing RCRDSHP Stress Tests

Stress Test Pack 001

The term stress test has at least a couple of accepted meanings. Exercise stress tests make your heart work harder than usual to measure your physical stamina. Banks and other financial institutions are regularly stress tested with simulations that gauge their resilience against financial disruptions and to help evaluate internal processes and controls.

Here at RCRDSHP, a stress test is a special kind of pack drop, one where we try to get hordes of players to buy as many packs as possible in a short period of time.

“That sounds like a regular RCRDSHP pack drop!” you might exclaim.

Not exactly. The stress test pack is priced at at just a dollar, and this one contains just one non-music artifact card with low expected value. We don’t do stress tests to drive revenue. Their purpose is to put our servers and operational processes and controls through their paces at low-risk to ourselves and the player community.

“Wait, so the cards are worthless?”

No. The cards are non-music artifacts with limited collectible value and utility, but they still have some value. Just please don’t expect that they will ever be worth a lot of money in the marketplace, because we purposely make tens of thousands of them. In fact, what we expect will eventually happen to most stress test cards is fully part of the game plan.

Drop Details

Pack Description: From accidental reggaeton to alarming police activity, long-ass entry queues to the sudden absconding of your closest festival associates, our initial Stress Test pack drop captures some of the most stressful events in the life of the electronic music fan. Each pack contains one out of nine cards in a closed Stress Test set.

  • Announced informally
  • No exact time for drop specified, just a rough time frame (watch Twitter and Discord if you want to get in early)
  • No pre-registration needed
  • No refunds and no guarantees on fulfillment time
  • Maximum of 50,000 packs will be sold
  • The stress test drop can be paused and restarted and/or ended at any time, at our discretion
  • Unsold stress test inventory will be burned

Stress Test 001 Objectives

  • Load handling: Will our servers survive being hit with thousands of requests per second without crashing?
  • Latency: How long will it take for our servers to fulfill pack deliveries?
  • Purchase limits: Did we close the holes that allowed some players to buy multiple packs at once in previous drops?
  • Apple and Google Pay: Are multiple email issues fully resolved?
  • Prepaid Balance Codes: Trialing pre-purchase of store credit to help players trying to use crypto or whose banks restrict repeated small purchases.
  • Serial Randomness: Low serial number packs have typically had better chances of containing low serial number collectibles. We thought that was a plus, but many players would prefer a more random distribution. We're experimenting with bigger batch sizes for minting in this drop to see if we can effectively introduce more randomness without serious issues.